My Best Pics

Here are some of my favorite pictures. Most of them I took but some are pictures from the web.

A Bird on the top of the Empire State building!
In Dylan's Candy Bar in NYC
Tiffany's in NYC
Shoes in Saks 5th Avenue!
A street in NYC called Fashion Ave.!
Practicing for Sleeping Beauty! LOL!
Pointe shoes. (Me, Brooke, Courtney)
From left to right: Olivia, Me, Courtney, Brooke
I took this by myself!!
I took this by myself too! I'm SO proud!
YUM! Doesn't this look like a lolipop?!
Dress A Girl Around the World
A glorious sunset in God's creation!
One of my favorite pointe shoe pics of all time!

Me in Central Park. With a new coat. (I forgot mine at home so my dad generously bought me a new one!)