Monday, October 5, 2009

the great and the not so great news...

I have had SOOO much happen to me since I've last posted! First I'll start with the good news.
1) I AM GOING TO NEW YORK CITY ON OCT.18!!! Yep, I am taking a trip with my Daddy. Here is a list of things we are going to do.
GO to a Broadway show (Mary Poppins)
Go to Tiffany's
Times Square at night
Dylan's Candy Bar. (this is a three story building of nothing but candy! OH HAPPY DAY!!!)
Central Park (hot dogs, DUH!)
and Fifth Avenue!
2) I am going to be in the Nutcracker on December 20-21.(for details click right HERE) I am an Angel SOLOIST (can you believe I got a solo part?!) Marzipan (which is VERY hard, not to mention complicated!) Snow scene, Waltz of the Flowers (don't be too surprised that I'm in both. EVERYONE is in those dances...) and I'm an understudy for my good friend Courtney as a Ballerina Doll. Now I KNOW you all will be shocked that I have that many but, as I learned in 2nd grade... "you get what you get and you don't throw a fit." (techincally I did throw a fit.. but whatever.)
3) some not good news... my cousin was recently diognosed with histyocytosis. If you don't know what it is click here.

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