Monday, October 26, 2009

what's new?

So, life has been pretty boring lately! I bought 4 new songs on iTunes. I bought... Anything Can Happen (Mary Poppins), Redeemer(Nicole C. Mullen), Catch Me(Demi Lovato), and City On Our Knees (TobyMac). All four are REALLY good songs!! I know I don't get popular songs very often, but what can I say, I'm weird!!!:o) Oh, I almost forgot! I square danced for the first time in my life yesterday at our church fall festival! It was... fun? Not exactly the word. Oh, I know! Interesting. Very interesting.:o)
P.S. Don't forget to watch Jon and Kate+8 tonight!!!:o)

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ridetobefree210 said...

I LOVE those songs!! Hahaha square dancing was definitely....interesting :) <3