Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Truly Amazing!

The sun is a main sequence star, which is the most common star in the universe. This leads some astronomers to say that the sun is an "unremarkable" star. These astronomers however are not telling the complete story...
If the sun were to bright or not bright enough, it could not support life on earth. The sun has just the right amount of mass to support life on earth! In fact, astronomers have catalogued more and more main sequence stars and they have found that nearly 70% of them have such a low mass that they could not safely provide the energy needed for a life-supporting planet. Also it has been shown that other stars like our sun have solar flares MUCH larger than ours. These would be devastating to human-kind.
As you can see even though it is just a "main sequence star" the sun is clearly special. Of course, this shouldn't be surprising to you. After all, the earth is a very special place in the eyes of God! Thus, it only makes sense that He would design a very special star to give the energy to support life!
~Exploring Creation With Physical Science 2nd Edition by Dr. Jay R. Wile

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