Thursday, September 23, 2010

Please Pray!

I write this post with a sad heart... my 3 year old cousin, Brian, was battling a rare blood disorder called histiocytosis for about 1-2 years. He went through chemo and they thought that they had cured him about 6 months ago. Unfortunately, he developed sores on his head recently, which is what happened last time they discovered he had histio. So, they got the sores tested and the results came back today that he has histio again. So he will have to go through a stronger dose of chemo again. A stronger dose of chemo, mood swings, and hair loss all over again. PLEASE pray for their whole family. Because they REALLY need all our prayers and support. Please pray for his siblings: Ansley(6), William(5) and Olivia (2). And also his parents as they lead their family through this hard time in their life.

Thank you all SOOOO much for your prayers and support!!!!

To learn more about Brian and his battle against histio please visit his blog at THANK YOU!!

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Reid n' Kelly said...

Praying with you for your cousin! (((HUGS)))