Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hi! Remember me??

Hey everyone! Remember me? I'm Andrea, the girl who writes on this blog you are reading! I am extremely sorry for not posting. I'm not going to give any lame excuses about why I haven't been able to post. I'm going to tell you the truth. *sigh*
You ready? You sure? Need to go to the bathroom or get a refill on popcorn? Okay, now that we're all situated, here we go:
School and ballet.
hm. That wasn't too bad! But I was. Yes, I admit I should have posted earlier! I am truly sorry! Please continue to read! I will really make an effort to post more about my little life!
Love you like always! But only if you comment! :o)

Adorable pictures of me and my BFF, Brooke!! Excuse the pictures
on the left and right. On the left it was early in the morning and on
the right it was late at night. And yes, those are little pigs laying on the
table in the pic on the far right. It's a game, so don't ask... :o)


Abigail Caroline said...

Okay, girlie! Here is a comment! Thanks for being honest about not blogging - just so you know - I still love you :) I haven't been great at blogging either, but there is small person who is taking up my life right now and I hope to post some stuff really soon!! :)

Love and hugs to you

Andrea said...

WOO HOO!! thank you! luv u too! AND ASHTON!!! :)
Luv, Andrea

Mrs. Stauffer said...

Hi, Andrea! I'm so glad I went to Abigail's blog and found yours amongst her friends! By the way, that piggy game is the best!! Hope you and your family are well. Take care. M.