Wednesday, December 15, 2010

the BIG weekend!

Highlights of Nutcracker Preperation... and it all comes down to this weekend. I am so excited cuz all our shows are SOLD OUT!! WOW! well, I won't post this weekend (what else is new...) cuz of our big shows!! Wish me luck!!
Andrea Viva la mexican food!!

Our classic pose...

Spanish forever!!

The Dew Drop and her roses. :)


Brooke 'n' Me... the new TV show. Watch at 8/7 central. jk. :(

This is the result of boredom and sore feet...

I know, I know, You all are thinking: WOAH! first of all cuz they're

so colorful, and second of all cuz they're flexable. Yes, ballerina's

can do this easily: don't be so shocked.

The dress of doom... It is SOO hot!! (by "hot" I mean warm, just so you're clear.)

Me and the sweetest girl alive: Ivy!! :)

Our Claras...

Brooke fixing her crown.. she is the princess...

Halloween... me and Brooke were 80's people, Jenna was 60's

and Kim was a ballerina. Creative huh?! Jk! :)


ridetobefree210 said...

L O V E the pics :)
I can't WAIT to see you dance!! I love the dew drop costume :) and you're 80's costumes! hahaha

Mrs. Stauffer said...

You look just lovely. Hope the show went well...I'm sure it did! Take care. M.